Thursday, September 22, 2011


What would you do if one night, life as you know it changes and you are left alone in despair? That is how Emerine’s nightmare starts and now all he does is run.
His family lived at the edge of the forest until dark shadows killed them all. Now they want him, and so does a magic tree. He has never seen dark shadows or enchanted trees before. Emerine has to get to the heart of Red Forest, to the fairy people. Only then he will be safe. Safe? He has never heard of fairies before and once he gets there what?
Emerine's Nightmare b Anna Del C. Dye is a fantasy for 4th-8th grade readers. Even though it is for middle grade readers, I really liked the story and the message it delivers.
Emerine is a 12 year old boy, who has seen both parents killed by dark shadows. He knows the dark shadows want him, but he has never heard of dark shadows. He has also never heard of enchanted trees, fairies and magic.
This is a story of good vs evil with Emerine and his untapped reserve of magic as the ultimate prize.
I would recommend this for middle grade readers and their parents.
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 I received a copy of Emerine's Nightmare from the author, but it didn't influence my review.


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    Anna del C.
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  2. This sounds hauntingly intriguing. I'd like to check it out!

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