Sunday, October 30, 2011


FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK:                                                      When Ida Mae Babbitt receives an invitation to visit her son Keith's dude ranch in Montana, she's excited to mend their broken relationship, but not so excited about spending time with cows. Arlette and Tansy go along with her, ready to take a vacation that does not involve dead bodies or mysteries of any sort - one must have a break from time to time. But it seems a no-good scoundrel has moseyed into Dodge City and is bent on causing all sorts of trouble for the ranch. Unable to keep her curiosity in check - especially when it seems her own son is the most likely culprit - Ida Mae decides to investigate. Can she lasso the varmint and get him to the sheriff in time? 
Hang 'Em High by Tristi Pinkston is is the third book in the Secret Sister's Mysteries, and possibly the best one yet.
The Secret Sisters mysteries are light and humorous. I laughed all the way through the book.
In Hang 'Em High Ida Mae, Tansy and Arlette go to a dude ranch in Montana, during the winter, to visit Ida Mae's son.
Ida Mae is looking forward to a nice quiet visit with her son, whom she hasn't seen in many years. But as always where ever Ida Mae and the girls go a mystery follows. The imagery  in this book still has me giggling when I think about it.
I recommend this book for anyone, especially if you like mystery and like to laugh.
You can find Hang 'em High by Tristi Pinkston at and You can also check with your local library for inter library loan.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011


About the book:
Bless Your Heart: Low-sodium Recipes for a Heart-healthy Lifestyle (Volume 1)
Tired of bland, boring low-sodium recipes? Tristi Pinkston brings some spice back into the kitchen with this huge collection of recipes designed to show your heart, and your taste buds, some love.
My past experience with low sodium food has been that pencil erasers and cardboard taste as good as anything I have tried.
In Bless Your Heart Tristi Pinkston answers concerns, about cost, time and flavor. She has even included a list of some lower sodium fast food choices.
 Muffins, Chicken with Creamy Chive Sauce, Taco Seasoning, Pizza, Brownies, salad dressings and much more all with less than 400 mgs of sodium.
My only complaint about this book is there are no pictures. I would have liked to see some of the yummy foods included in Bless Your Heart.
I would recommend this book to everyone. It is never too early to start cooking using healthy recipes.
Bless Your Heart is available at It is a great gift idea and Amazon is selling it on their buy 3 get 1 free deal.