Tuesday, September 20, 2011


From the back of the book:
An angel with an attitude. Jonathan Stewart is not at all happy about having to return to earth as a guardian angel, but it's required of all post-mortal spirits to fulfill at least one angel guardianship. Fortunately, on the Guardians Unlimited application, he had the good sense to request a client with early-marked-death status, so he believes that while his stay on earth will be most unpleasant, at least it will be short. What he doesn't know is that a spirit with EMD status can choose his or her time of death! Jonathan's client, Celeste Knight, has a mind of her own and refuses death at every turn, leaving him stuck as her guardian angel - in a place he only wanted to forget. 
 No Angel by Theresa Sneed is a fun fast read. I had a hard time putting it down. 
Jonathan Stewart is assigned to be a guardian angel for a baby girl, marked for early death. He reluctantly accepts the assignment, thinking it will be short term. Jonathan is surly, arrogant and certainly reluctant to learn from the other guardian angels also assigned to the family. As time goes on and Jonathan's back story starts to be revealed, I started having warm fuzzy feelings towards him. 
A trip to the underworld, and being separated from the child he is guardian for, teaches him a lot about trusting in God,  praying, love and duty.
I liked the idea that we all have guardian angels assigned to us throughout our lives, to help and encourage us.
I would recommend this book to everyone, LDS and Non LDS alike. 
No Angel by Theresa Sneed is available at www.deseretbook.com and www.amazon.com and as always you can check out inter library loan.
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  1. Great Review, Mary! I read and LOVE Theresa's book. She does an excellent job of story-telling.