Saturday, July 14, 2012


Cosset is a lost soul with nothing left to live for.
Chance Hunter is a man on a mission. Desperately in love, he is willing to do anything, be anything, and give everything that he is to show Cosset that life is still worth living. He is bound and determined to heal her battle-weary heart and claim it as his own.
Open the pages of New and watch love happen.
New by Jewel Adams is a fast read, it is only 46 pages long, but is a powerful story of love, trust and forgiveness.
Cosset is a lost soul, her life has been one devastating event after another, including loosing everyone and everything she holds dear. She finally decides to end it all, but Chance has other ideas.
For Chance it was love at first sight and he patiently waits until he can approach her and claim her as his own.
I would recommend this book to everyone.
It is available at in paper of kindle form.
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