Sunday, July 22, 2012


If I could change just one thing it would have been to have more time. More time.., exactly what would I have done with it? I don’t know. Possibly look beyond the one-dimensional roll I had cast her in, the role of villain, of creature…." Let the walls fall down chronicles Sybil's personal journey through an abusive childhood at the hands of a mentally ill mother. After years of anger, resentment,and estrangement she and her mother reunite. What happens next is lesson in healing and forgiveness, that all began with one horrific phone call.….
"I read "Let the Walls Fall Down" by Sybil Belanger Conley and was deeply touched by her approach to life. She is present to the life experience that has nurtured her soul.It is obvious that she went through a very difficult time in her childhood,yet she was able to shift the energy around her in a positive way. This took courage and strength as she became aware of her power to choose consciously how she would shape her world. Her book is clear that she was able to move out of her egocentric and fear-based behavior and into the kind of living that is the heart of what Jesus means when he says, " I came that you might have life, and have it to the full" It is indeed a life giving read, a model to many of us. " (Sister Clarrisse)
Let The Walls Fall Down by Sybil Belanger Conley reminded me that a lot of times we walk through life totally unaware of what is happening in the lives of the people around us.
Sybil's story brought me to tears. It is a story of abuse and survival, at the hands of a mentally ill, abusive mother. More than that it is the story of learning to forgive, with help and strength from a loving Heavenly Father.
I recommend everyone read this book.
Let the Walls Fall Down by Sybil Belanger Conley is available on for Kindle and for paperback.

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  1. Great review! And it sounds like a good story:-)