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Conner, Lexa, and Melanie are back! Just when they think life is normal again, a dangerous shadow creature begins to hunt them. The trio must develop their powers in order to conquer this new peril and protect their school. Filled with action and even more magic, this book continues the exciting adventure in the Middle School Magic series.

I loved The Kindling ,so when I learned that Penumbras was soon to be released I was excited to read it, in hopes that it would be just as good as the 1st one was. I was not disappointed.
Penumbras is full of danger, suspense, drama, discovery, teenage angst and even a little romance, from page 1 to the cliffhanger at the end.
The kids are normal 13 year olds, with the exception of their Magi powers and the forces of dark are after them. They all discover talents they don't know they have, and can't control. They discover another mystery when they learn their friend Pilaf can hear head talk, even private conversations, and can see the shadow creatures.
Besides a battle between good and evil, there is a battle on the side between a jealous Lexa and Connor and Melanie, who have discovered like each other as more than friends. Lexa's flair for the dramatic makes things hard for everyone.
As in The Kindling the teachers are portrayed as intelligent and caring, and the parents are kept informed of what is happening in their children's lives and training.
Even though Penumbras is written for mid readers (9-13), I loved it, and I think most adults will love it too.

You can find Penumbras by Braden Bell at in paperback and kindle and www.barnesandnoble,com both paperback and nook, or check with your local library for inter library loan.
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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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