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About the book:
Investigative journalism student, Abigail Houston, knew taking a stand meant taking risks. What she didn’t know, was the liberal agenda imposed by her university was part of something sinister...something that threatened the very soul of America, as well as her very existence. Elijah Morningstar knew he was in love with Abigail Houston; he also knows standing with her could jeopardize his political career. What he didn't know was that she would disintegrate his entire belief system.
The Blog by Carolyn Adams Hanchett is a very timely Novel.
We are seeing a lot of what Abby blogs about actually happening. I have seen interviews with college students that clearly illustrate the effect liberal universities are having on them. God's role in our history has been removed from our history books and the Constitution is in danger from liberal politicians.
In The Blog , Carolyn Hanchett covers these issues, Abby sees the problems in the country and boldly blogs about it and talks about it in class at the risk of her life and her relationship with liberal politician Elijah Morningstar. She shows no fear in expressing her beliefs, and the things she learns about about people and organizations that are quietly destroying America.
I appreciated Elijah's loyalty to Abby, despite his liberal leanings and his doubts about the existence of God.
The Blog is a perfect blend of romance, danger and politics. The ending is totally unexpected. I had a hard time putting it down to do other necessary things, like sleeping.
I recommend this book for adults and older teens.
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