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The Butterfly Girls can’t wait to begin their fourteenth annual weekend reunion, a time to renew their bonds of friendship and honor the memory of their high school friend Ava. But a dark cloud of fear soon forms in their shared hotel room when they learn that one of their former classmates has been brutally murdered. And when new evidence suggests Ava was murdered as well, the friends realize one of them might be next.

Andi is glad to be taking the Butterfly Box with her to Hawaii, where she plans to spend a few weeks participating in a reality dating show. To her surprise, the eligible bachelor, Michael Makura, soon singles her out for attention, provoking jealous acts of sabotage from the other contestants. Soon a series of unusual events disrupts the pair’s fledgling romance, and Andi starts over in New York where she begins dating a great guy and accepts a job offer from a generous, eccentric man. But when Michael unexpectedly shows up, all is not well in the Big Apple. And soon Andi comes face- to- face with the man who killed her friend—and he aims to kill her as well. 
This is the last installment of Michele Ashman Bell's Butterfly Box series. This one was, in my opinion, the best of the 3. 
This book focuses on Andi, who is a fitness guru and the last single member of the Butterfly Girls.
She decides to go on a reality program, "Looking For Mrs Right". She doesn't expect to win, but her agent says it will be great publicity for her new cookbook.
When she  develops a relationship with Michael the handsome playboy, mysterious things start to happen, both to Andi on the show and to her friends.
There were a lot of loose ends in the story, like would Andi choose Michael or Cooper, who killed Ava and were the deaths of other high school friends related? Was the same person trying to kill the Butterfly Girls, or were they just having incredibly bad luck?
I didn't get all of the answers until the very end, which made The Perfect Fit just that much better.
I would recommend this book to  anyone who has read the previous 2 Butterfly Box books, and anyone who likes a good mystery/romance.
You can find The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell at,,, or you can ask your library about borrowing it on inter library loan. It is available in paper, audio and Kindle form.  
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