Friday, January 21, 2011


from the back of the book:
Against all odds, the couple that swept you away in Taken By Storm is back. Michael is in Thailand diving his dream. Leesie is at BYU living hers,
And they just can't leave each other alone.
Their romance rekindles, deeper than before. They grow desperate to see one another again. To hold one another again. Michael decides there is only one direction their relationship can go and asks Leesie the ultimate question. Her answer challenges everything Michael is and wants to be.
Can she change for him?
Can he change for her?
I was exited to read more about Leesie and Michael. At the end of Taken by Storm, they decide to break up and go their separate ways, but that was not to happen. 
They started out chatting when he was in port, near an Internet hot spot, then Michael send her a new lap top and a cell phone so they could talk. 
There are a lot of twists and turns, and compromise. Michael wants Leesie to learn to dive, Leesie wants Michael to talk to the missionaries. Leesie does her best to conquer her fear of water and learn to dive, Michael agrees to talk to the missionaries, which doesn't go well.
I loved that Angela Morrison managed to avoid the convenient happily ever after ending, which would have been so easy.
To learn more about Angela Morrison and her books CLICK HERE.
I would recommend this to teens and adults that have read Taken by Storm, or who are looking for "sweet romance" books. 

You can find Unbroken Connection at, and inter library loan.

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  1. Thanks so much for these great reviews, Mary. I'm glad you didn't let the format stop you. I hope to see you over at the CAYMAN SUMMER (book #3) blog now. You don't have to wait to see what happens next. It's at!!