Thursday, September 2, 2010

HOMETOWN GIRL by Michele Ashman Bell

From the back of the book:
Jocelyn Rogers's life is in a rut. Maybe she should step outside her comfort zone and move to Milford Falls, where she has inherited her grandmother's house. With the encouragement of the other Butterfly Girls, Jocelyn musters her courage and starts a new life.

However, when she arrives in the small town that holds both good and bad memories for her, she discovers the house in worse shape than she expected, and getting repairs done is anything but easy-especially when it comes to dealing with Jack Emerson, a man who seems to be agitated by Jocelyn and everyone else within a fifty-mile radius.
To make matters worse, she has begun to worry that moving back to the place where she once spent a troubled summer will expose the deep personal secret she has kept hidden for fourteen years. But Jack also has a hidden secret that has prevented him from getting close to anyone in a long time. And now it seems that interfering neighbors may prevent both Jack and Jocelyn from moving forward with their lives.
Join the Butterfly Girls in this charmingly romantic story that shows sometimes it takes a leap of faith to land on your feet.

This is the long awaited second book in the Butterfly Box series. It was worth the wait.
This book centers mostly on Jocelyn and her life. Jocelyn recieves a call from the mayor of the small Washington town where she has inherited her grandmother's home. She doesn't want to sell it and doesn't want to move to Washington.
With the help of the Butterfly Girls Jocelyn decides to quit her job in ST. George, UT and moves to Washington.
In her first week in town, she gets  speeding ticket & a parkng ticket, pipes in her bathroom break and the water causes the kitchen ceiling to collapse and her car breaks down. She decides she wants to sell the house and go home, but finds she has no job in Utah. Over the course of the week she meets a lot of good people, icluding Jack, the handsome handyman.
I found Jocelyn to be a very resiliant character. Even though she let the trials in her life get her down temporarily, she always faught back. She has the support of good friends in the Butterfly Girls. It is a friendship most of us only dream about.
I had the pleasure of meeting the author and having her sign my book while I was in Salt Lake City in August.
I would recommend this book to anyone young and old alike, but I would recommend reading A Modest Proposal, the first part of this story, so you know who the characters are and why they are important to each other.
Both Hometown Girl and A Modest Proposal are available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book or inter library loan.

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  1. So fun to see this picture! It meant so much to me to have you come to my book signing.