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From the back of the book:
It is a dangerous time for America. The years following the signing of the Constitution have been riddled with British aggressions aimed at breaking the will of the young government. Trade restrictions tear at its economy while British ships attack and kidnap Americans at sea, refusing to acknowledge their American citizenship.
Washington, Franklin, and Hamilton have died. Their inspired dream is now entrusted to their aged and war-weary peers and to the succeeding generations-men and women, born in liberty, who are prepared to sacrifice their lives in its defense.
But the divisive evils of greed, slavery, and class distinction cast a dark cloud over the promise "We the People," even as war talk rattles the governing halls. America declares a war to reconfirm her independence . . . a war to protect her "more perfect union": The War of 1812.
Some believe a more divine purpose awaits the Union in the wake of this war. Such seekers are Jed Pearson, the sensitive heir to both a large plantation and a mysteriously tainted family heritage, and Hannah Stansbury, the visionary woman whose family holds the key to the Pearson riddle.
Treacherous forces on both shores seek to manipulate the war's outcome for their own purposes, ensnaring Jed and Hannah in dangerous intrigue during this pivotal moment in time when the ultimate definition of liberty is about to come to light.
Dark Sky At Dawn, the stirring first volume in the epic Free Men and Dreamers series, tells of the fascinating people, events, history, and spiritual reawakening that precede the compelling moment in time before the guns blazed and the light of the Restoration dawned on a new day.
I love historial romance and I was excited when I discovered that I had bought this one for Dad on CD a year or more ago. I borrowed it to listen to on my never ending commute. I enjoyed the story so much I had  hard time seeing my drive come to an end both morning and night.
This 1st volume of the Free Men and Dreamers series, tells the story of the events leading up to the War of 1812. I found out just how little I knew about the War of 1812 while listening to this book. If I hadn't known the ultimate outcome of that war,I would have despaired for the American's chances after the Battle of Detroit.
The Character's and personalities were well developed and I couldn't help feel sympathy for Hannah, whose Mother was crazy, and Jed who was the recipient of Hannah's Mother's hate.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes Colonial History 
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  1. Mary, thank you for your lovely review of Dark Sky at Dawn. It is still a thrill to hear when someone enjoys my work. I'm glad it made your commute seem shorter. Book two, Twilight's Last. Gleaming, is also in an audio. Thanks once again for supporting the series. Warmly, Laurie L C Lewis