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From the back of the book:
King Noah is thundering with rage. The former high priest Alma has vanished from the city of Nephi, and every night more of his believers manage to escape. The king blames Amulon and threatens certain punishment unless Amulon recaptures Alma—a seemingly impossible task. But Amulon has a plan. An equally valuable prisoner is at his fingertips: Noah’s wife, Maia, whose newfound faith means bitter humiliation for the king and an opportunity for Amulon to seize power.
Amulon’s disavowed daughter Raquel has plans of her own. Despite her grief, she is determined to begin a new life in the colony Alma and his followers are building. When Lamanites plunder and burn her settlement, Raquel and her young son are forced to flee to the waters of Mormon.
Drama and danger escalate as Alma the Elder organizes the Lord’s Church and baptizes its members, bringing an outpouring of divine grace and power. But even as they rejoice, the believers have profound and perilous trials to face, from the outward threat of Amulon’s treachery to the inward threat of pride and disobedience. With poignant emotion, gripping suspense, and rich inspiration, this new epic story from H.B. Moore vividly brings the Book of Mormon to life.
The Story of Alma is one of the most exciting stories in the Book of Mormon.
Heather Moore was able to take Alma's story and retell it, making it more exciting, while not loosing the historical accuracy so often sacrificed in novels based on the scripures.
Even though I have read the story of the Wicked King Noah and Alma in Mosiah many times, I still found myself anxious to see what would happen next.
I would recommend this to anyone who likes historial fiction, both LDS and Non LDS alike will find things to like in Alma.
You can find it at Seagull Book, Deseret Book,, and Barnes&, and as always you can check with your library for inter library loan.
To learn more about H.B. Moore CLICK HERE

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Goggle alerted me to your post, as I have written a historical fiction called NOAH'S WIFE, a unique twist on the Biblical story, based on evidence of a great Black Sea flood 7,000 years ago.

    I would love for you to consider a review of it on your blog. You can read the complete first chapter and see a video trailer on my website.