Thursday, October 15, 2009


“The thing I dread the most is the weekends,” Brianna said. “Each of my roommates is seeing someone, so they’ll all go on dates, and I’ll be left all alone in the apartment with only my 8 x 10 of Robbie. Actually, it’s his high school graduation picture. I keep getting older but he stays the same.”

She paused as though she wasn’t sure she should say what she was thinking. “You want to know something weird? Last week I realized I was starting to think of him as my nephew.”
That seemed like an odd thing to say, but it also made me very happy. “If you get lonely on the weekends, give me a call. I’ll never be doing anything.”
She hesitated and then asked, “Are you serious?”
Brianna needs a friend, someone to keep her from being lonely while she’s waiting for her missionary, Robbie, to come home. And who better for the job than Robbie’s brother, Austin? He can keep the other men at bay while giving Brianna guy-type help, like hauling her harp around on weekends to play at wedding receptions.
Austin needs a friend, too. And Brianna is the perfect choice since there's no romantic involvement-of course not, how could there be, she's waiting for his brother, after all. As a friendship develops between Austin and Brianna, Austin is free to learn what it means to be "true and faithful friends" with a girl. He begins posting his findings in blog entries that quickly gather a following of interested readers. But what will happen to his friendship with Brianna when she finds out who the real author of the blog is? Because the truth is, Austin isn't looking for just a friend anymore, but something more. Will he have the courage to tell Brianna the truth-before Robbie comes home?
Even though this book was fairly predictable, I enjoyed it. Jack Weyland did an awesome job as usual.
It was a quick read. I loved the insight Austin was able to offer about relationships on his blog, and I kept hoping he'd follow his own advise in the way he treated Brianna.
The rationalization Brianna & Austin used in feeling OK about their relationship, while she was waiting for his brother.
All in all it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone.
It is available in all the usual places, Deseret Book, Seagull Book, and inter library loan.


  1. Could you e-mail me? I'm wondering how far from Mesa south phoenix is. I'm not familiar with the area. I sure appreciate your support!

  2. I recently read this and thought it was okay. Jack Weyland has definitely written better books. Still, I enjoyed the characters and the use of the blog in the plot.