Sunday, July 10, 2011


She straightened the covers and pulled them,
right over his head.
Chase McKay cannot play,
He didn't get out of bed today.”
 Chase McKay Didn't Get Up Today by Cindy R Williams is a delightful children's book, about a little boy who decides he doesn't want to get up one day. No matter what his Mother does, he pretends to stay asleep.
It is a very simple rhyming story, but it teaches many important lessons. 
Some of the lessons taught by this story are:
-We have choices.
-Our choices have consequences.
-Work before play.
-It is important to take care our pets
The pictures in CHASE MCKAY Didn't Get Up Today are just adorable.
The words are large and easy to read.
And the lettering is in a font that is used in the schools, so young readers will have an easier time reading it.
I would recommend this book for all young children, children up to second or third grade will enjoy reading it to themselves, and the little ones will like the big pictures and the rhyming.
Chase McKay Didn't Get Up Today by Cindy R Williams is available at, and from the author at
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Cindy Williams